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Scene - What Women Want

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Straight Man Porn


Writing a girl-on-girl scene, but having never worn fake nails and also not having a vagina, Jeff is soon drowning in clichés. Clichés gathered from male-gaze led mainstream porn of what women do when men aren't there. Luckily for him Jill spots his notebook and explains to him that he's got female pleasure all wrong, and she's only too happy to help educate him. Soon his story of Bonnie and Gillian having a cheesy pillow fight morphs into a realistic and sensual scene of two women truly pleasuring each other. We love this scene for the way it focuses on what feels good for Bonnie and Gillian, using their tongues, fingers and pussies to make sure that they both enjoy intense climaxes.



Comments From The Audience

I absolutely love Honour May and got a very soft spot for Lara. Have to say that this is a great video, such a great scene of 2 girls who are really into it.

2 years ago

Thank you so much for your comment Scotsguy82, I totally agree, two fabulous performers with incredible chemistry together :)

2 years ago

Fantastic lesbian scene, girls are really into it. One of the best.
Wish there were more scenes with Lara

2 years ago

Hi Ibiza022, thank you so much for your comment :) Definitely a super hot scene with two stunning performers! At present this is Lara's only scene with us but you can also check out the BTS from Straight Man Porn here https://joybear.com/movies/straight-man-porn-behind-the-scenes :)

2 years ago

Fantastic video! The tribbing is so super erotic! Very hot, and great camera work! Can we have more of this please!

5 months ago

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