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Scene - All I Want For Christmas

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Feature Film

Secret Sex Society 2 - The Game


On returning home Emmy discovers her ex waiting for her and starts to realise that her experience in The Game was him all along - he signed her up, even drove her to the retreat, all as an act of love to help her to be less constrained by rules. In front of a roaring fire, delighted to see each other, they undress and kiss, pleasuring each other with their mouths before Emmy rides him, thrilled to be back with the lover that she has been missing. We love this scene for the languorous love making that builds to explosive finishes for this gorgeous couple.



Comments From The Audience

"All I want for Christmas" is cum on my back... I think not. Very disappointing and not at all intimate or erotic. This is a shame. You have a great group of performers that are diverse in many ways (e.g. body type, shape, size, etc.) and can likely relate to most of your subscribers. It seems like you scripts are missing the mark because almost every scene ends in a "teenager-like" finish where he's pulling out to be safe. I'm quite certain that's not the way this works for most adults in the real world. From a heterosexual couple standpoint the best analogy I can give is that your films are the equivalent of getting a fine dining meal that looks appetizing right up until the end when you realize it's being served on a cheap paper plate. That's the way the endings feel. Great performers with decent camera and set work, but at the critical moment these all fall flat on their face.

2 years ago

Thanks for the comments TPibbull. We appreciate your positive comments as well as the negative ones. Regarding the "pulling out to be safe" we are going to survey our members to see if we are missing a trick here. Again, thank you for taking the time to write. We are delighted you like our performers and production values!

2 years ago

Please do not bring Cassie Clark if she will only shoot b/g scenes with her boyfriend. The scene lfeels more like a performance for the camera. Lacks authenticity of performers first time in a scene together.

1 year ago

Hi hfn007. Thank you for taking the time to comment. We really appreciate it. I'm really sorry to hear you didn't like this scene. Porn is very personal and the truth is we don't always get it right every time for everyone. If you like Cassie, you might enjoy her other scene (from Secret Sex Society 2) with Luna Silver in this movie.

1 year ago

Watching her unwrap his gift and putting it in her mouth..... I wish that were me!

1 year ago

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