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Scene - Close Contact

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Vera reminisces about the before times, with her then girlfriend Babs. How she took everything for granted, she didn't know it then but it wouldn't be just touch that she missed, but also the intimacy, being so close to someone that you could smell them, or perhaps even taste them. With Babs setting up the bar where she works, it's easy for these girls to lock the door and indulge themselves, passionately licking each other's pussies both are moaning and writhing with pleasure in the broad daylight. They use a double ended dildo to fuck before bringing themselves to mutual climaxes with their fingers. A sensual and realistic scene between two gorgeous women.


Comments From The Audience

really good again as the real sex feel was present again..... the movies you guys do as opposed to the ones you bring in from other sites ....well there is no comparison and i do feel if you are able to do more shoots your memberships will go up

2 years ago

Thanks Mirpar. Really appreciate your kind comments. Means so much to us!

2 years ago

I am really enjoying the way that this series 'touches' on current themes. to do with contact and intimacy... And this is a seriously hot scene!

2 years ago

Thank you for your comment sophia3, we really loved to explore this concept, look out for the BTS film where we investigate the human need for touch with our performers :)

2 years ago

Very hot scene! Victoria knows how to use the toy! Great fucking with passion and energy for maximum pleasure! And again: the camera work is excellent as well as both models Victoria and Belle!

6 months ago

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