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Scene - Big Time Sensuality

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After spending hours helping her friend choose the perfect lingerie for her wedding night... And the scented candles, and the roses... Silky was ready for a quick, no hassle fuck. Flirting with Michael she couldn’t understand how he kept missing her queues. Perhaps she wasn’t being obvious enough. But Michael is just concerned with creating the ultimate romantic night, distracted with details to make things just perfect. Except Silky doesn't want perfection, she just wamts now. Finally understanding each other they head inside, stripping off by a roaring fire and enjoying plenty of oral pleasure together with Silky on top in a delicious 69. Silky loves a doggystle fuck, Michael climaxing over her back then making sureto bring her to an intense orgasm with his tongue.



Comments From The Audience

We just joined hoping this was going to be more couples oriented, passionate, and intimate. This is the third film we've watched together from this site, and, like the others, it has been decent right up until the end when he jerks himself off with no concern for her part in love making. Most real couples don't end this way. Not only does it seem boring and anticlimactic for him, but I'm sure it's equally as lackluster for her...

1 year ago

Many thanks for your comment TPibbull. We are pleased you enjoyed most of the scene but were really sorry to hear the ending didn't work for you and your partner!

1 year ago


1 year ago

This scene should have ended with a creampie

1 year ago

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