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Scene - 1st Course. Bruschetta

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Joybear love great sex, and this is a wonderful natural scene. A young couple have dinner and after eating the food, they find themselves unable to keep their horny hands off each other when they find themselves alone in a cinema. They kiss and slowly undress, until he pulls off her panties, and puts her on the back of the seat, so he can get his mouth on her pussy, and lick her softly. She reveals his dick, and puts it in her mouth and sucks him until he is rock hard. When they are both ready to have sex, she slides herself gently onto his dick and then she builds up speed as she moves up and down. They change positions so that she is lying on her back, giving him a chance to rub her clit with his thumb. They end up in doggy style, until he cums over her back.

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