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Scene - A Swinging Party

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Lsp2 Experimentation


In this superb adult scene, Oliver heads to a swinging party, where he meets Fran and her husband, who love to swing. Fran meets a hot young stud who she likes and soon they two of them are stripping each other. Fran falls to her knees so she can take his cock into her mouth as deep as she can. He returns the oral, and opens her pussy as wide as he can to lick her clit, and when she´s nice and wet, he begins to fuck her over a railing. The couple take the action to a bed, where Fran gets on top of the hot man and rides him, while he plays with her huge boobies. He moves her into missionary and holds her legs wide open so he can play with her clit as he fucks her as hard as he can.

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