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Scene - Queen of the Wags

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Feature Film

Ball Control


We love the action movie slow-mo shots of the uber-glamorous Penelope at the start of this scene. Fierce, independent and obviously over her husband Vince’s affair, Penelope is a powerhouse of a woman who is looking for a physical release with a hot young footballer. Penelope meets Brodie alone in a hotel room and they begin a slow and sensual full body massage session. There’s no doubt what Penelope is after as she removes her bra and panties ready for Brodie’s touch. After a playful shower together, Penelope pulls Brodie down onto the bed and sucks his hard cock - making sure he is excited and ready to fuck. Brodie pays Penelope’s pussy plenty of attention, leaving her wet and trembling, before thrusting himself into her and fucking her hard on the bed.


Comments From The Audience

Such supple breast and curves. Rebecca More delivers the goods in this video.

2 years ago

Hi arrow2ken, thank you so much for your comment :) I couldn't agree more! Be sure to check out Rebecca's other scenes on the website :)

2 years ago

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