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Scene - Virtual Sexuality

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Feature Film

Sex Tech


Shy, quiet Siobhan (Viktoria Quinn) and hot, muscular Fred (Frank Rock) are both convinced they aren’t a match beyond just being friends. Lucky for them, The Hub has a unique solution for potential couples to test their chemistry - by creating avatars of themselves, the pair quickly learn the assumptions they had about each other are nothing like the true personalities each exhibit in The Hub’s VR space. Siobhan has a strong, dominant side, and Fred is a perfect puppy, eager to please. Siobhan teases Fred with a standing blowjob; they then move to the couch, where she makes him return the favor by sitting on his face. She then makes him her personal sex toy as she pleasures herself while in reverse cowgirl , then sideways. The couple reach an explosive climax as he fucks her from behind, and as they exit the VR playspace to IRL, they realize they are actually quite compatible after all.


Comments From The Audience

Would love to see viktoria with a ginger guy next 

1 year ago

Hey Longfap. Thanks for the comment! We're huge fans of Viktoria's. Once logged in, just search 'Viktoria' for all her scenes.

1 year ago

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