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Scene - Day 3 Aleena directs her first adult scene

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Dirty Movie Deadline


Day 3: Aleena directs her first adult hardcore for Joybear, in this hot scene, for couples. Aleena acts as a fluffer for Danny D, as he prepares himself for the action. Aleena tells Michelle and Danny the kind of porn she likes to watch and that she plans to direct them in the style she likes. Danny gets Michelle onto the bed, and Aleena directs Michelle to take out his cock slowly, teasing him and she shows her how she gives blow jobs. Danny encourages the director to get involved, and the girls end up kissing over Danny´s cock. Michelle kneels on her hands and knees and Danny puts his big cock inside of Michelle doggy style, while Aleena enjoys watching them. Aleena gets them to move into missionary, and tells Danny to start slow and then get harder and faster. When the girls have a moment alone, Michelle tells Aleena she wants to see her tits and Aleena obliges rubbing her big boobs over Michelle. Aleena directs them until Danny cums over Michelle´s ass.

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