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Scene - Pool Politics

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Feature Film

The Guesthouse


Travelling alone in Spain, Olive is keen to relax by the pool. But there’s one thing in her way: Felicia, who is hogging the sun loungers with no intention of sharing. The next morning, Olive claims her lounger early, and Felicia is shocked to find her sprawled naked in the sunshine. Olive asks for help applying lotion, and soon her former rival is giving an erotic massage, covering Olive’s body with oil. Moving between Olive’s legs, Felicia uses her tongue and fingers to give Olive an incredible orgasm. Olive reciprocates with some seriously hot oral from behind, slipping two fingers into her wet pussy. Locking eyes, they grind themselves together towards climax. We love this scene for its playful nature and gentle curiousity. It’s every woman’s fantasy first time.


Comments From The Audience

Sensual and sexy with two incredible performers... Highly recommended!

3 years ago

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