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Scene - Tantric Fuck

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Feature Film

Pleasure Fix


Lori and Evan love to fuck hard. Which is maybe why the Pleasure Fix has a special request for them – they have to delay their gratification for as long as they can. So this time theytake it slow and bring in some new moves - admiring each other´s gorgeous bodies, slowly stripping off, and then sensually massaging each other with oil. They really appreciate each other in a way that they don´t normally do. Gradually they get more and more aroused until finally Evan goes down on Lori and brings her to climax, before they even start to fuck! Soon Evan is penetrating Lori hard, just how they both like it, but this time it´s so much better for both of them after the sexy build up the app suggested.


Comments From The Audience

I love the way this scene shows these gorgeous lovers slowing down and taking the time to really appreciate each other, this sort of anticipation can really take sex to the next level...

3 years ago

I think this chapter is too focused on male pleasure. It seems like It wasn’t good for the woman, like a regular porn... tantra is very different from the performance on this chapter...

3 years ago

Overall it was decent, but the ending ruins a near perfect film. We see tantra as mutual satisfaction which should end with concurrent climax and internal finish.

2 years ago

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