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Scene - The Guitarist

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Feature Film

Riot Girls


Another night on stage in front of their fans, and the lead guitarist Bett, of ´Riot Girls´, heads backstage in this fabulous scene of high quality porn. Once backstage she meets up with Luke the photographer and they have a few drinks and soon they are kissing, as he squeezes her juicy arse, while they make out against the bar. Bett teases his erect cock by kissing all around it before taking him in her mouth. He sits her on a bar stool and rubs his hard dick on her clit before sliding inside her. The two enjoy the hot sex on the chair, but move to doggy position for easier entry. The couple end up on the floor, and Luke enters her from behind, lifting her leg to get as deep as possible, and so he can fondle her natural big breasts.

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