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Scene - A Friend With Benefits

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Feature Film

Housemates 3 The Landlady


Even though Evelyn knows that her tenant Hugo fancies her, she´s not sure if there´s muchpoint in taking it further, since she thinks she´s already had the best sex of her life. But shesoon decides that she fancies taking Hugo to bed for a steamy session. Not shy at all, he issoon licking her clit and making her squirm with pleasure. He takes his time, entering herslowly and sensually and moving into different positions, looking for what she likes best,before they both pleasure themselves - you always know what´s best for yourself! We loveseeing a new couple learning what pleases each other the most. Evelyn brings herself to agorgeous climax in front of Hugo, full of orgasmic pleasure and glowing self-confidence.


Comments From The Audience

Awesome update, I love the passion!

3 years ago

This scene perfectly captures the excitement of meeting a new lover... It's super hot the way that 'Evelyn' is so confident with her new lover.

3 years ago

Very real.

2 years ago

Thank you for your comment :) I love the way that this scene is very relatable for a lot of people. It's not always easy getting to know someone new!

2 years ago

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