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Sex Tech


Game developer Lucy (Loveday) knows the only time she can chat up her colleague, Freya (Eva Ray), is when she’s making her morning smoothie in The Hub’s kitchen. Trying to make a connection almost seems like one of the games Lucy creates, as Freya is all business once her breakfast is made - each time Freya doesn’t notice Lucy’s advances, it feels like Game Over. Finally, after countless frustrating mornings, Lucy advances to the next level when Freya offers her a taste of her smoothie, in more ways than one! The two players happily go to Lucy’s room, where gameplay quickly turns into sexual play, as they start kissing passionately on her bed. The new couple explore each other’s bodies, sucking on nipples and tongues, then taking turns licking and sucking each other’s pussies while playing with their own clits. Lucy shows off her skill at game controllers by using a vibrator on Freya to orgasm; Freya returns the favor by donning a strap-on and fucking her new playmate until she, too, reaches climax - a new high score for both players!


Comments From The Audience

I'd love to see the full version of this. A lot is missing from the video

1 year ago

Hi lulabelle319. Thanks for the comment. When you say "A lot is missing from the video", if you are talking about the streaming quality, we have checked and the movie is playing perfectly. Any further issues, please let us know.

1 year ago

Hey :) What I meant was, there's stuff in the photoset that isn't in the film, that's all.

1 year ago

Wow! That's a really hot GG love session. Love the camera angles and the zoomed in style with lots of body skin filled out the screen. The action is so great. Would like to see pubic hair and some more deep kissing ore toe sucking, just some ideas...

6 months ago

Thank you for your ideas, we always love to listen to what our audience likes and dislikes.

4 months ago

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