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Scene - Liselle brings 3 pornstars together

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Liselle asks her pornstar friends who they would like to have sex with and sets them up together. In this great porn scene for couples Claudia, Jay both want to fuck Michelle Moist. Liselle, gets the threesome together, to have a glass of wine and play strip games, until the girls are naked. Jay asks for Claudia to kiss Michelle from her toes to her pert boobs, while he watches. Then it´s Michelle time to make some requests to her friends, she asks Jay to lick Claudia´s clit, and Michelle enjoys watching them. Claudia asks to see Jay give Michelle oral sex on the table. Next the girls kneel in front of Jay, and give him an amazing blow job between the two of them. They go upstairs and Claudia is sitting on top of Jay´s hard cock, Michelle comes up to join then, and she ties up Claudia and gives Jay a superb oral sex. Jay fucks Michelle in doggy position, while she licks Claudia´s pussy. The girls lie on top of each other, while Jay alternates between Michelle & Claudia´s vagina´s. The girls enjoy other and Michelle gives Claudia a body shaking orgasm. The threesome play with each other until Jay cums over both girls.

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A great scene and great ending

1 year ago

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