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Scene - Sue & the Gardener

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Lsp1: Infidelity


Sue´s has a special arrangement with her older husband, while he is away, she is allowed to have sex with whomever she wants. In this hot cougar porn scene we see Sue with the randy gardener Danny. The couple fondle each other in the living room, and he lifts up her skirt to reveal her stockings and suspenders. He has a little present for her, a cock ring, which he puts on to keep him hard. She licks and sucks his large dick. They move to the sofa, and he pushes her knickers to one side, and licks and finger fucks her pussy, and she gets out her own camera, to film him going down on her. They move to the floor where he eases his cock inside her, and slowly increases his speed, holding her legs in the air. In doggy position and Danny fucks his cougar woman alternating between hard and fast, and slow and steady, until he cums over her large boobies.


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