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Scene - Machine Learning

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Sex Tech


Tina (Satine Spark) and Raf (Chris Cobalt) are software developers in a sexual rut. As it’s common knowledge that sexual variety is connected to sexual satisfaction, the couple decides to recode a game they’d created for The Hub. The game now offers challenges based on personal traits, encouraging couples to broaden their sexual horizons. Tina and Raf test the game for themselves, and the first challenge is simple - they take turns kissing and tickling different parts of their bodies, as they learn each other’s erogenous zones. Tina’s giggles soon turn into moans, as the challenge advances to Raf licking her pussy, then to her teasing his cock with a slow, sensual blowjob. sucking on his shaft and paying special attention to his balls. Raf playing with her pussy during the blowjob leads to the couple shifting into a 69 without any prompting from the app, then into doggystyle. The couple move to a sideways position, Raf fucking Tina from behind and sucking on her breasts as she plays with her clit. Tina and Raf take turns being on top for some rigorous cowgirl fucking, then hard missionary, until the couple reach climax. Success! Their new game app proves that sometimes, AI can be the perfect bedroom device to guide couples into deeper intimacy and better sexual relationships.



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