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Scene - Carry On Camping

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Feature Film

Holiday Heat


Brett's idea of a fun camping trip is normally Charlie's idea of hell. However, despite her initial disdain for all things tent related, she is reminded of Brett's thoughtfulness as he makes her comfortable in their secluded camping spot and relaxes. Just the two of them together on a beautiful warm day soon leads to the couple making out together in the dappled sunlight. Pleasuring each other with their hands they take things slowly, Brett fingering Charlie's pussy before she gives him a hand job. Thoroughly turned on, Charlie rides Brett before bending over and moaning with delight as he enters her from behind in doggystyle. This couple enjoy a long, sensual outdoor fuck together which will have you dreaming of sunny days with a significant other...re

Comments From The Audience

the nicest model Nina Sever

2 years ago

Make sure you check out Secret Sex Society 2 if you haven't already :)

2 years ago

This is fantastic erotica! The beutifull and natural wonderful Nina dos a great job here. Nice photowork and such nice sex!

1 year ago

Thanks for the positive comment Teddys. We really appreciate it. The team did a super job here. (We're big campers here at Joybear and) particularly love the build up of this scene. Feels like something that could easily happen...

1 year ago

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