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Scene - Coming Together

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Combining a variety of options, Chrissie (Esluna Love) came up with in her “what if” scenarios actually leads to a threesome, but with a different set of players - Carl (Marcus Quillan), Chrissie, and Nancy (Blue Honey). It all happens so fast - the ladies start kissing, and clothes come off soon after. Carl joins in on the topless kissing session on the couch, then sucks on their breasts while the ladies keep kissing. Pants come off, and Nancy takes center stage as she strokes and sucks Carl’s hard cock while Chrissie sucks and plays with Nancy’s clit. Then, it’s Carl’s turn in the middle, as the ladies take turns kissing and sucking him. He lays down so Chrissie can sit on his face while Nancy fucks him until she cums. Nancy gets back in the middle as Carl fucks her from behind while she goes down on Chrissie. Chrissie then gets her turn in the middle, as Nancy sits on her face and Carl fucks her while playing with her clit. The throuple finish with Carl sitting in the middle, with Nancy giving him a multiple-handed blowjob until he cums all over Chrissie’s breasts.


Comments From The Audience

Blue Honey's tits are magical!

1 year ago

Only happy sex, for our pleasure.

1 year ago

Thank you for your positive comment.

1 year ago

Thanks Eugenielove!

1 year ago

Esluna love is really amazing

1 year ago

Thanks Mohamed. Nice comment! :)

1 year ago

Honestly your site has been what I have been looking for... HOT Content, but in a healthy and happy context

12 months ago

Hey dummyH, thanks so much for the lovely comment. We really appreciate it! :)

11 months ago

Hot and amazing

6 months ago

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