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Scene - 3rd Course. Tuna

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In this hot posh porn scene, Audrey remembers her time with Gabriella and the amazing tuna dish that she prepared for her. Once the girls finish dinner, they start to taste each other, Audrey begins to fondle Gabriella´s large breasts through her clothes. She takes off her knickers, giving Audrey a chance to get her fingers inside Gabriella´s pussy, and her mouth on her clit. Next it´s Gabriella´s turn to get Audrey to open her legs so she can work her clitoris, and she bends her over the back of the sofa to get a good angle and use her fingers deep inside her pussy. She flips Audrey over so she can get her warm mouth over her wet lips. They continue until they climax.


Comments From The Audience

Absolutely love this chapter. So enjoyable and always so good. One of my favourites xx

2 years ago

Hi Joanne10, great to hear that you love this scene, Ava Dalush and Jess West are seriously hot together!

2 years ago

They definitely are. Absolutely gorgeous and love the kissing and caressing. So good watching them together and pure enjoyment.

2 years ago

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