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Scene - Close To The Edge

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Feature Film

Everyday Turn-Ons



Like most modern couples, Shan and Mark struggle to fit sex into their busy lives along with family, friends and work. Snatching a few precious moments alone, they start to have sex but are interrupted by guests arriving early. To their surprise, Shan and Mark realise that stopping before they came actually heightened their pleasure, increasing their feelings of lust for each other. Keen to explore the idea of delayed satisfaction, the couple set a date in the diary, allowing them to climax at the weekend - but not before. After days of unbearable desire and almost-gasms, Shan and Mark let themselves go, bringing each other closer and closer to climax before coming harder than they’ve ever done before - proving good things do come to those who wait!



Comments From The Audience

I love this so much for the realism, getting interrupted mid sex can be frustrating but why not use that pent up attraction to take you to the next level of pleasure? I also love the way this episode is filmed, you really feel like you are getting a sneak peek into the sex life of this gorgeous couple...

3 years ago

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