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Scene - Like An Iron, I Need Warming Up

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Straight Man Porn


Bessie is a woman who, like many women, needs plenty of time and foreplay to get truly warmed up before penetration. After a string of unsatisfactory lovers, she's had enough of men not paying enough attention to her pussy before it's cock time, so she treats herself to a professional. Juan has just two rules - he doesn't kiss on the lips and he doesn't stay overnight, both of which suit Bessie perfectly. Finally her pussy gets the level of attention that she needs, and also deserves. Bessie is fully in control, she is the one who decides when she is finally ready for penetration. This deliciously hot couple enjoy a sensual fuck and Bessie has no problems climaxing as much as she likes now she's totally warmed up...


Comments From The Audience

Nice video

2 years ago

Thank you for your comment, we love the chemistry between Zara Du Rose and Sensi :)

2 years ago

Just love watching a man please a woman. A beautiful pussy deserves the best. 

2 years ago

Hi there bazgb49, we also love this scene for the focus on women's pleasure!

2 years ago

Oh wow, the dream!

2 years ago

We like to think that dreams can come true ;)

2 years ago

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