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Scene - Lessons In Love

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Ever since inexperienced Eleanor (Ellie Eastleigh) took the plunge with Matty (Marcus Quillan), they have been making up for lost time, fucking around Hampton Hall like rabbits! Eleanor's newly found confidence was down to The Strangers, and her sexual tuition from Moonchild (Esluna Love). In her latest lesson, Eleanor is learning how to use her mouth to pleasure different parts of the body. While Moonchild is sucking seductively on Eleanor's finger, Cutler comes into the room just in time for a hands-on demonstration. Eleanor watches on as Moonchild pulls down Cutler's trousers and starts sucking him off. Eager to learn, Eleanor joins them and soon both girls are working on Cutler's cock! As Eleanor slides Cutler's cock into her pussy, Moonchild rides his face and these gorgeous girls can't keep their eyes off each other.



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