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Scene - Poolside party

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Feature Film

Sun Stroke


After a heated argument, Chloe is devastated when Pierre leaves her and storms off. She calls her friends to come over party. Shot like a mediterranean dream, we love this scene full of slow-motion bodies dancing, kissing, touching and bouncing in the sunlight. Turned on by the music, Michelle and Rocky sneak off for some privacy, and the chemistry between this pair is undeniable as Rocky lifts Michelle off the ground and holds her tight as he fucks her. Rocky can’t keep his hands off her curves, and with his fingers inside her, he makes her squirt with pleasure. With orgasms this powerful, it’s a seriously hot watch.


Comments From The Audience

looks like re-runs now :) i guess the new material has run out

1 year ago

Hi Tomcat,

Thank you for your comment and continued support.

Joybear Pictures is a small, independent production company. We invest heavily in providing high-end, story-led scenes and feature films. We focus on quality over quantity and believe that you and our other fans appreciate this. Consequently, we don't always have brand new scenes to release every week. So during 2023, we will use these weeks as an opportunity to showcase our previous best-selling features. This will enable us to maintain continuous weekly updates throughout the year and with currently around 286 scenes, we believe newer Joybear members might appreciate some of our best content, even if it’s not brand new.

By the way, we have 4 new features (24 new scenes) scheduled to be released exclusively here on this site. We also have new productions in the pipeline. So don’t worry, plenty of exciting new material coming :)

Thanks again!

1 year ago

This is the first video of yours that has made me uncomfortable. She doesn't look like she wants to be there, the neck holding is more controlling than playful, etc... it's also the most similar to mainstream porn. As a female viewer, one word, uncomfortable.

1 year ago

Thank you very much for your comment. We are reviewing the scene and will respond very shortly.

1 year ago

Hi there. Thank you for this comment.

Firstly, we are very sorry to hear this scene made you feel uncomfortable. For the 20 years we have been creating films, we have set out to avoid the pitfalls of ‘mainstream porn’ by portraying sex in a lighter, more balanced way. We have also endeavoured to place an emphasis on fun for EVERYONE in our films and believe this message is clear throughout site.

Regardless, we have reviewed this scene and completely understand your comments about playful vs controlling. Furthermore, we totally get that the intensity of this performance stands out on our site.

Having discussed this internally, we believe it is important to show a wide range of sexual desires. Furthermore, there is greater context that we, as the production team, are aware of. In this instance, Alexa & Joel Tomas were in a longterm relationship at the time of filming. Not only did we know this beforehand but it was one of the reasons we wanted to work with the couple. We can assure you that Alexa Tomas was keen to work with her partner and us. We were well aware of their intense style of performance and with the full consent from both performers, this scene explores their connection.

Needless to say, as professionals with over 75 years experience between us, we always set boundaries with all performers before filming commences and urge everyone to do the same, on and off set.

We hope this allays any concerns.

Incidentally, we are in the process of redesigning the site and your comment is very helpful in terms of ensuring our members find exactly what they are looking for.

1 year ago

I appreciate the thorough response, I suppose this was just too "intense" for me, and didn't seem to fit in the content I was used to from your site, and would have preferred some sort of warning (likely to come in the redesign.)

1 year ago

Thanks 9674. Again, we totally take your comments on board and appreciate you taking the time.

1 year ago

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