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Housemates 4


Julian (Juan Lucho) was a skydiver, spending time healing at the clinic after a near-death experience; he was physically much better, thanks to the clinic’s therapists, but mentally? He was still scared of being outdoors. Kayla (Kali Sudhra) spent time every day by the pool outside Julian’s sliding glass doors, fully within view…but just out of reach, hoping to draw the tattooed hunk out of his seclusion inside the clinic’s walls. And it was working; he would watch her swim, lay out in the sun, and shower her body, fantasizing about being with her. But fantasy only goes so far, and Kayla was getting impatient, so she decides to make her move by coming into his safe space. They kiss sensually while taking off their clothes, fantasy finally giving way to reality as they touch and explore each other’s bodies as they move to his loveseat. She goes down on him, sucking and stroking his huge cock as he plays with her ass, his moans encouraging her to keep going. He positions her on her back and kisses her breasts, sucking on her nipples and moving down to her clit, where he uses his tongue and fingers to make her twist and moan in pleasure as she grips his hair and wraps her thighs around his head. He moves up to kiss her as he continues to play with her pussy, after which he turns her around to eat her ass, then enters her from behind as Kayla’s moans get louder and louder. Julian then takes a seat as Kayla rides him in reverse cowgirl, his cock filling her up completely as she grinds and bounces as he plays with her clit. The couple moves to the floor as he fucks her sideways, hands and mouths all over each other as he keeps thrusting, their chemistry undeniable. He doesn’t even realize what has happened as she takes him outside to fuck on a blanket by the pool, his desire for her taking over as he fucks her in passionate missionary, Kayla encouraging him the whole way until he cums all over her taut tummy. Kayla’s plan has proved a success, and Julian seems to be well on his way to breaking out of his shell.



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