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Scene - Puss On Boots

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Feature Film

The Strangers


Socially awkward Ysabelle (Yiming Curiosity) has always preferred horses to people, but something about The Strangers intrigued her since they arrived at Hampton Hall, especially free-spirited Moonchild. After a morning ride, Ysabelle is sitting outside cleaning her riding boots when Moonchild joins her to help. They sneak playful glances at each other and decide to take things indoors. You really don't want to miss Moonchild riding her pussy on Ysabelle's leather riding boots at 7:53, it's so hot!


Comments From The Audience

The kissing is one of most erotic things I have ever seen. So gorgeous and such a beautiful fuck

1 year ago

Thank you for your comment. I personally share your thoughts on this, Kissing is such a big turn-on.

1 year ago

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