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Scene - Surprise Anniversary

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The Pleasure Professionals


At Joybear we love high quality couple´s porn, and in this great scene Mr ERC forgets about his anniversary, and Mrs ERC isn´t pleased, so she shows him who´s boss. Out comes the bondage tape and blindfold and she ties him to a chair and thrusts her pert boobs into his mouth demanding his attention. She rubs her clit, as she gets more and more horny, and puts her fingers into his mouth so he can taste her. When he´s good and hard, she spits on his cock and sucks him into submission. When she´s finally forgiven him for forgetting, she sets him free so she can sit on his cock and fuck him. Mr ERC licks his wife´s wet pussy, getting her ready, so he can fuck her hard from behind. The couple enjoy the intense sex, until they orgasm.

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