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Scene - Room With A View

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Feature Film

The Strangers


When two backpackers, Cutler (Curved Marvin) and Moonchild (Esluna Love), mysteriously arrive at Hampton Hall and ask to camp in the fields, quirky Eleanor (Ellie Eastleigh) invites them to stay in the main house. Little does Eleanor know the two strangers are total exhibitionists. As Cutler takes a nice warm bath, Moonchild strips off and climbs in with him, but not before playfully opening the door. They start to mutually masturbate and Cutler sits up on the edge of the bath. Moonchild kneels in the water and gives Cutler a sensual blowjob, using her tongue to tease the tip of his cock. Meanwhile, Ryleigh (Belle O'Hara) is curious to find out more about these strangers and goes through their backpacks while they are distracted. She finds a plethora of sex toys and is keen to know more about this sexually open couple. Cutler suggests that they continue their fun somewhere else in the house, somewhere that is more likely to get them caught. Moving into the hallway, Moonchild lays on a side table, giggling and moaning as Cutler licks her pussy. They move down the steps. Moonchild guides Cutler inside her and as he fucks her, she squirts repeatedly, drenching him and his throbbing dick. The noise gets the attention of all three sisters who watch covertly from various parts of the mansion.



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