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Scene - 2nd Course. Lobster Bisque

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Jess & Tyler work for Audrey in her kitchen, everyone knows they fancy each other, but nothing happens, until one day they try some of Audrey´s special Lobster Bisque. One taste and they can´t help but slipping in the storeroom, where Jess gets on her knees to take Tyler´s large cock in her mouth, gently licking and running her tongue down his dick. Tyler gets a cover for the floor and pulls Jess on top of him, so she can bounce up and down on his hard cock. Jess moves from his dick and sits on his face, so he can get in tongue on her clit and fondle her big breasts as well. They move to doggy position as Tyler holds her arse to fuck Jess as hard as he can, they change to a more intimate position, until Tyler cums over her breasts.


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he is crap his onlyfans is crap

3 years ago

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