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Scene - Kylie And Jason

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Kylie's first boyfriend taught her that monogamy doesn't have to be boring...
Even when couples are apart there are plenty of ways to keep a relationship interesting. By introducing Bea to Mateo she hopes that she can show her friend that getting to know someone before sex can be super hot too. However, having Jason around gets Kylie feeling horny herself and she soon forgets about her friends by the pool, well almost... We love this scene for Kylie's sense of letting go and adventure, her pleasure as Jason licks her pussy is plain to see. Seeing Kylie being inspired to by Bea's confidence to push her boundaries a little, and enjoy the results makes for a very steamy experience. Her final climax as Jason makes sure she is fully satisfied with his tongue is the perfect ending to this encounter...



Comments From The Audience

I really enjoyed seeing Kylie push her boundaries a bit in this scene and be rewarded with plenty of delicious pleasure...

3 years ago

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