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Scene - Intimacy

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Feature Film



Mark wanted to touch. To be touched. But it had been a lifetime since he felt another’s body and it was that which made him run from Vera and Lottie. After no contact for so long he had forgotten how to get close. He visits Rain, an intimacy coach from the before times, who now taught the brave few who were willing to break the law to feel again. Undressing under her gaze, he is at first shy and awkward. Slowly exploring her body with his hands, soon pleasure and instinct take over and Mark knows exactly what to do, expertly licking Rain's pussy before she rides him. Passionate and sensual, they take their time with each other and both enjoy explosive climaxes.



Comments From The Audience

Hot, passionate, real sex. Thank you!

2 years ago

Thanks so much for your comment missmimi, I love this scene too :)

2 years ago

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