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Scene - The Positional Study

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At Joybear we like couples to have fun together, and in this porn scene, the professor is too busy writing at first to notice his horny assistant, trying to make a move on him. She finally gets his attention, and his erection. He moves her onto his desk where he plays with her beautiful boobs, and strips her down to her stockings and heels. As she sits on the end of the desk, he licks and sucks her wet pussy. He sticks his fat cock inside her vagina and has sex with his assistant on the desk. While the couple fuck, Tess stumbles across them, and decides to watch and take some notes for her study. She watches as the assistant kneels onto the desk while the professor takes her from behind, doggy style. They try a few sex positions while Tess watches from the door, until he orgasms.

Comments From The Audience

so hot!!!!! love a silver fox

3 years ago

wow....so sizzling hot! 10 from 10 points!

I had a strong cumshot when i was watching Samantha jerking him off till he shoots all his cum over her

2 years ago

Nice movie. Sam is soooo hot.

1 year ago

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