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Scene - The Wedding Night

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Communication is everything. But the first step is getting some time together in the first place. Olivia had spent months planning the wedding weekend and everything was designed to lead up to the perfect wedding night where she would fuck her new husband’s brains out. But pressure and expectations never lead to good sex, and while passion wise their weddingnight doesn't quite live up to what they had planned, the morning after more than makes upfor it. Slow and sensual, Jason and Olivia don't have to rush, their minds only on each other as they spoil themselves with plenty of oral pleasure before a long and unhurried fuck that leaves them both fully satisfied.


Comments From The Audience

This needs to be renamed or re-edited. Condom on a wedding night.......

2 years ago

Hi Spidermonkey, thanks for your comment :) the idea here was that sometimes having great expectations of what's going to happen sexually can end up not being what you expected, so the title is a little tongue in cheek ;p As for the use of condoms, we always put the choices of our performers first, and some wish to work with condoms. This is part of our commitment to being as ethical as possible, a part of this is never having anyone on set doing anything that they are not fully comfortable with. You can read more about our commitment to this as well as our Performer Bill Of Rights here - https://www.joybear.com/blog/item/consent-on-set

From a plot point of view, being married doesn't always mean that you want to have fully unprotected sex, for a variety of reasons, eg not all women are comfortable with or able to use hormonal contraception, or ready to get pregnant... We like to show safe sex and consent of all parties, hence you will find condoms being used in some of our scenes :)

I hope that despite the title and condom you still enjoyed the passion in this scene :)

2 years ago

Hi Issy,
Yes I enjoyed the content. Thank you for your explanations and I understand the performers wanting to be protected.

2 years ago

Hi Spidermonkey, you're very welcome, always happy to talk about all aspects of our process! Glad you enjoyed the scene :)

2 years ago

We agree with Spidermonkey. As a hetero couple who enjoys watching intimate, respectful, and passionate adult films, every one we've watched on this first day of membership is a major letdown. We understand what you're saying about consent and respect for performer preference. But if they don't want to have actual passionate, intimate sex which doesn't include a condom and, certainly on a wedding night, includes mutual climax together and while inside, then perhaps this isn't the right scene for those performers. If that's truly what they desire, and we can respect that, then put them in a scene that's about casual hook-ups and not a committed relationship. We've screened about 15 films already this evening and not one has been a mutual orgasm inside the woman. Very disappointing.

2 years ago

Thanks for this comment TPibbull. We really appreciate the feedback. We work really hard to make content that is both relatable and arousing (especially to couples). Whilst we appreciate your remarks about consent and respect, which is super important for us, We were really sorry to hear that you've not been enjoying our films. We were disappointed you felt this scene wasn't passionate. Although we would slightly disagree, there is an element of subjectivity. However we loved this scene and felt Esluna and Marcus did a great job! For sure, we don't always get it right.

You raise a valid point about condom use for a married couple and we love your idea about "casual hook-ups". Furthermore, we like your thoughts on external climaxes (come shots). We generally get positive feedback on our films but frankly may be neglecting those who would prefer an internal come shot. To that end, we are going to survey our members on this point to better understand how everyone feels about it. We fully acknowledge that more couples may want to see internal climaxes and, if requested, would be happy to deliver that. Regardless, thank you for bringing this to our attention and watch this space!

2 years ago

all love and respect to Esluna

1 year ago

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