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Scene - It Takes Two

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Straight Man Porn


After the success of Jill's input on his lesbian encounter piece, Jeff and Jill started writing more hot content together, and as the stories developed, so did their attraction. Gradually they were learning more from each other’s fantasies than they ever could have if they had fucked straight away. Finally they can't stand the sexual tension any longer and it's time for them to be the stars of their own story. With his new knowledge, Jeff is a truly attentive lover, taking things slowly and using his mouth and hands to work on Jill's pussy, before she gives him a sensual blow job. They fuck slowly and passionately, in positions that feel good for both of them, slowly building their desire to explosive climaxes together.

Comments From The Audience

Marcus Quillan is a superstar - more Marcus please!

2 years ago

Yes, we love Marcus too! Look out for him in our next feature Holiday Heat...

2 years ago

This piece is so good because we see both of them just enjoying themselves. I love when Marcus gets turned on when she kisses his chest and nipples and how vocal he is. So many guys in porn look so serious and say nothing. It’s weird. Loveday smiling and moaning makes it feel real.

1 year ago

Thank you for your great comment. We really appreciate you taking your time to do this.

1 year ago

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