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Scene - The Apology

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Chloe's Column


In this sensual porn scene for couples, Noah apologises to Chloe, which she accepts, and the two of them sit on the sofa kissing and getting more and more horny. Slowly Noah peels off Chloe´s jeans and he opens her legs to lick and suck her pussy. She gets her mouth on Noah´s hard dick and gives him a blow job. Noah slowly inserts his dick inside her, and he fucks her, building up speed. The couple move so she is sitting on top of Noah, and at the same time he kisses her boobs and nipples, while he holds her pert ass as she rides him. They move to the floor where Noah fucks her in doggy position until he cums, and the couple kiss and hug in each other´s arms.


Comments From The Audience

hot couch fucking!

2 years ago

Couches, not just for relaxing on... ;)

2 years ago

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