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Feature Film

Lsp1: Infidelity


In this great porn scene, Jig is married but for him the sex isn´t giving him what he wants anymore, so he has a pad away from home, where he can entertain in private. A beautiful young woman arrives, asking for Harry, and Jig is happy to be Harry for her. She pushes him onto the sofa, and whips out his penis and starts licking and sucking him, giving him a great blow job. Jig takes the opportunity to feel her great arse, and soon she is astride him, riding his cock, while keeping her heels on. Jig removes the top half of her dress, so he can play with her nipples and kiss her beautiful breasts. They move into doggy style and he fucks her against the sofa gaining speed until he cums over her big natural boobs.


Comments From The Audience

Daria is pure bliss, I hope you will publish more of her, soon !!

2 years ago

Hi there, thank you so much for your comment, I will let our casting director know that more Daria would be appreciated :)

2 years ago

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