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Scene - Touchy-Feeley

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Feature Film

Everyday Turn-Ons


Alone in her bedroom, Nora hears her neighbours fucking next door – and it´s seriously hot. Pressing her ear to the wall, she begins to touch herself, timing her orgasm with theirs. It´s clear the sounds are turning Nora on, and so her boyfriend Lee decides to create a bespoke aural experience just for her. Hairs standing on end, Nora moans as Lee slips on a blindfold and headphones, through which he plays the sounds of anonymous couples having sex. Lost in the soundwaves of pleasure, Nora’s senses are on overdrive and every miniscule touch explodes upon her skin until she climaxes along with the soundtrack. Seeing Nora´s in the throes of orgasm, Lee loses control and comes hard with her. Now it´s the neighbours´ turn to be jealous…


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