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Beth (Belle O’Hara) and her girlfriend Helen (Honour May) are experiencing a crisis of connection - with Helen constantly on the go as the top salesperson at The Hub, the couple have a hard time finding time to connect. Beth sees this as a perfect opportunity to test out a new device - a discreet toy Helen could wear inside her underwear. Helen is so turned on when her girlfriend activates the toy remotely, she rushes home; the couple eagerly take off their clothes the minute she walks in the door. Sucking on each other’s nipples leads to taking turns sensually licking and fingering their lover’s pussy to climax. The passionate reunion then moves to the use of toys, and a mutual orgasm brought on by a double-ended dildo reminds them absence does indeed make the heart, and bodies, grow fonder.


Comments From The Audience

That was incredible. Wow.   Would really like more ass lick in your scenes as it is so erotic.  Both girls were so hot together that made this film so good.   real lovemaking 

2 years ago

Hey Mirpar, thanks for this. So pleased you enjoyed this chapter. Belle & Honour had amazing chemistry!

2 years ago

There is a point at 20:45 where Belle says "it's too strong" and her partner seems to keep going. That feels uncomfortable!

1 year ago

Hi cub1533. Thank you for your concern here about the tone of the scene and above all, the well-being of both performers - Honour and Belle. Having re-watched the scene, here are our thoughts…

Firstly, it is Honour who says “it’s too strong” (not Belle). This is important as Honour is the one who is on top of Belle. She does indeed keep going but critically she is controlling the pace and rhythm herself. She is able to slow, stop (or even speed up) her thrusting. Secondly, if you watch the entire scene (and any of her other scenes on this site), you will see that Honour is a very expressive and talkative performer.

Given this, we feel the momentary dialogue “it’s too strong” is in the context of the overall scene, which we also believe is genuinely underpinned by pleasure.

We hope this allays any concern.

1 year ago

One of the best!!!

6 months ago

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