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Scene - Public Fuck

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Gail and Jim are dopamine junkies who get their biggest fix from pushing each other further, especially in public. Out together in a bar one night, Jim is playing pool with a beautiful blonde who has certainly got both their attention. Even with other people around, they can´t keep their hands off each other, and once everybody leaves they have the place to themselves. Gail is already super turned on from watching Jim and their new friend - she is soon sitting on his face while kissing and caressing the blonde stranger who is sitting on his cock. They enjoy a sensual threesome, Gail climaxing with Jim inside her as their new friend uses her fingers to caress Gail’s pussy. As they explore each other, their smiles and moans of pleasure show exactly how well the app is working!


Comments From The Audience

Great colour spectrum in this scene. I also love the way Nat Portnoy looks @ Kali whilst Bishop Black (Kali's BF) is going down on her @ 3:59

4 years ago

Nat Portnoy riding Bishop Black while kissing Kali Sudhra around 10 minutes in... Unbelievably hot.

3 years ago

Nat Portnoy is my absolute favourite. More please!!

2 years ago

Love Nat Portnoy too! Be sure to check out her Performer profile where you can find all of her current scenes with JoyBear :)

2 years ago

This is a great photo set.  Really wish it was in 4800x3200 pixels like the other galleries.

1 year ago

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