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Scene - The Anniversary

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This is a great threesome sex scene from Rosa, a geeky French girl trying to write erotic fiction, without the distraction of men, After receiving an order of flowers from a man for his anniversary, Rosa´s dirty mind can´t help but imagine how the evening unfolds between the married couple. In this great adult scene for couples, we see the married twosome and the wife tells her husband she has a surprise for him and puts a blindfold on him and then proceeds to suck his cock. Then the wife brings in a female friend, and both of them give him a blow job much to the husband´s surprise and pleasure. The husband wastes no time in putting his hard dick inside his anniversary treat, while she licks and plays with the wife´s wet pussy. Then it´s the wife´s turn to sit on her husband´s cock, while he licks at the other girls pussy.

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