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Scene - The Sleepover

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Feature Film

The Guesthouse


Jim and Rosamund meet at a friend’s wedding, and are the last ones to leave the party. As Jim’s hotel is close by, he offers her a place to crash, and although he’s determined to be a gentleman, he can’t help staring as she steps out of the shower. When they crawl into bed, neither one of them is tired. The sparks which have flown all evening start to intensify, and Rosamund reaches under the covers, stroking Jim’s hard cock. He moves down to her pussy as she rocks up and down against his tongue before thrusting into her. Jim watches as Rosamund plays with her clit, bringing herself closer to climax. We love how Rosamund grabs onto the railings as Jim fucks her from behind with both pure lust and deep sensuality.

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