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Scene - Dirty Movies

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Pole dancer Lottie loves films from the before times. When people could touch, kiss, make love. In the cinema she meets Lucius, as he brushes past her to find a seat, his scent immediately makes her think of touching, of tasting, of sex. Small brushes of skin get these two strangers hot and desperate for more, as they strip off in the bright lights, Lottie is excited to give her new partner a sensual blowjob before he makes her moan with pleasure with his tongue and fingers. Clearly turned on, she rides his cock, fingering herself as her back arches with delight before he takes her from behind.


Comments From The Audience

Only wish you did more shoots on your own as they are so good with a real feel to them ...it is real sex we are watching

2 years ago

Thank you so much mirpar, we love to keep our scenes inspiring and realistic for our fans!

2 years ago

wow...she really enjoys waiting for him to shoot the cum on her...amazing, breathtaking....thank you for this clip

2 years ago

While "Skin on Skin" is a pool of sexual fantasy and a perfect meeting of desires come true, "Dirty Movie" is an explosion of passion, lust and excess. That reveals the versatility of LoveDay from whom I am becoming her greatest fan (neside Viktoria). Lovable sexual catharsis.

1 year ago


1 year ago

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