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Scene - The Nanny

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Feature Film

Sex With Friends 2


Chrissie (Esluna Love) next thinks of her other friends visiting the house this weekend. Winnie (Liz Rainbow) and her husband Hunter (Romeo) are trying to make having personal lives work while busy being new parents. Their nanny, Nancy (Blue Honey), is helpful enough, but perhaps she could be even more helpful? Chrissie wonders - what if Winnie gave Hunter permission to play with Nancy, so she could be away from the baby for a few hours? Hunter discovers Nancy is definitely interested, and the two start kissing on the couch. Nancy starts stroking and kissing his hard cock over his underwear, then alternates sucking him and kissing him while stroking. Hunter flips Nancy over, kissing her and sucking on her soft, voluptuous breasts, then fingers her while sucking on her clit until she cums. They fuck on the couch, Nancy’s moans filling the room, first with him on top, then her in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Finally, they switch to doggy, Hunter spanking her lightly while fucking her, until he cums all over her juicy ass.



Comments From The Audience

it does not play or download

1 year ago

ok, now it works

1 year ago

Hi Teto92x. Thank you for your comment. We are pleased you can watch this scene and hope you like it!

1 year ago

The cinematography was just magical! I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen!

1 year ago

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