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Scene - Oral Fixation

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Feature Film

Everyday Turn-Ons


Nelson loves the taste of Jackie’s body, but since her last boyfriend never went down on her, she’s become shy and self-conscious about oral sex. Determined to show her she’s delicious, Nelson seduces Jackie with one thing in mind: teaching her how pleasurable a little tongue action can be. Nelson teases Jackie’s breasts with his mouth and moves gradually down between her thighs, gently licking her clit while sliding his fingers in and out of her body. We love this scene for its focus on female pleasure, interlaced with incredible fucking. After coming, Nelson lies back and Jackie sits on his face, rocking back and forth. Gaining confidence, she grabs his hair, grinding herself against him until she climaxes in a glorious display of self-acceptance and empowerment.


Comments From The Audience

Jackie's orgasm in this scene is just super hot. I love seeing erotica that is so focussed on female pleasure like this.

3 years ago

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