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Scene - Liselle sets up Tammy & Hannah

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Match Mates


From Organic Joybear, this is a sensual lesbian sex scene where Liselle sets up her pornstar friend Tammy with another pornstar called Hannah. The two girls haven´t met before, and so they head to the pub for drinks, and before long the two girls disappear into the toilets, and when Liselle goes to find them, she catches them having a kiss. Liselle directs the girls and tells Tammie to stroke up Hannah´s leg, then while she is bent over the sinks, Hannah licks Tammie´s clitoris. Tammie wants to taste Hannah´s pussy on her tongue. while she does, Liselle joins in and kisses Hannah. Tammie climbs on top of Hannah, and they kiss, while she grinds her hips down and against her. Hannah gets her fingers inside of Tammie and laps her clit, as Hannah moans with pleasure. Liselle enjoys filming both of the girls, and gets Tammie to sit on her lap, while Hannah gives her oral. The girls enjoy each other until they climax.

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