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Feature Film

Love Is Blind


Ley used to send Julie videos of her hook ups. But Julie's eyes soon became sore from watching, so Ley started making them audio only. Now, every time she hooks up she sends
Julie a gift in the form of a sexy recording. She says it's a great pick up line, guys love the idea - Ley hasn't had a no yet... As Ley and her lover Julio hook up, the phone is recording
the sound of every lick and moan for Julie. Ley sitting on the kitchen bench as Julio pleasures her pussy with his tongue, the noises they make as he enters her from behind, Ley holds her phone close for the clearest sounds. Julie listens as she pleasures herself with her vibrator, getting more and more turned on until finally, with her legs quivering and back arching, she brings herself to a beautiful climax.

Comments From The Audience

Such a hot scene here with amazing chemistry between the performers. Watching 'Julie' listen and get more and more turned on throughout makes for double the erotic viewing...

3 years ago

I love this chapter! It has been haunting my memory since first seeing it several days ago.
My desire, as a viewer, is to be pulled into the scene. Alyssia is one helluva sexy woman, and her character's ("Ley") audio recording to her friend is a great mechanism to bring us all along for some hot sex with Juan ("Julio").
From the moment Nat ("Julia") began listening to the lusty sounds, while lying down on her back in a sexy little bra, to her quaking orgasm - I was right there with her!
While my mind was hoping for one or two more things that would have helped bring me deeper into the scene I have absolutely no complaints. In fact, the opposite is true.
I send my complements to the three performers, the crew behind the camera, and all those who supported them along the way. Well done, and thank you!

3 years ago

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