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Scene - 5th Course. Dessert

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Audrey seduces the hot Maitre D, and when they get to the final course, they start kissing and he licks ice cream off her pert breasts. She gets his big dick out and begins to tease him and pours honey over it to add to the taste sensation. They head to the sofa, where she gives his dick more attention with her mouth and fingers. He sits back and enjoys watching her as she slips onto his cock and rides him up and down in reverse cowgirl. They change positions, and he uses his tongue gently licking and rubbing her clit, until he slips inside her pussy again. Audrey leads him to the other side of the sofa, so he can fuck her in doggy position, until he cums over her back.


Comments From The Audience

I love all of the ideas for bringing food into the bedroom here... Sexy and inspiring...

3 years ago

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