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Scene - Give A Fuck

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Feature Film

Pleasure Fix


When Lia was alone she loved to get herself off, thinking about her man Marco, especially the thought of him going down on her. Arriving home one day to find her in bed caressing herself, Marco soon joins in, but when it comes to pleasuring her pussy with his mouth, he just doesn´t feel like he knows how to give oral. Together they consult the app, and even just watching him care enough to do that makes Lia so turned on. It´s not long before her fantasy becomes a reality and he is between her legs, learning what she likes the best. She soon returns the favour, sensually taking his cock in her mouth before he penetrates her. Lia gets more and more aroused until finally Marco uses his tongue to make her climax. Her fantasy fulfilled by the Pleasure Fix!


Comments From The Audience

Another great scene from Joybear showing how hot it is for women to take charge of their own pleasure...

3 years ago

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