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Scene - Boyfriend’s Clothes

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Feature Film

Everyday Turn-Ons


When Mark’s away for work, Shan misses everything about him; from the way he smells to the weight of his body on hers. Breathing in his scent from his clothing, Shan begins to touch herself and remembers a fantasy she’s been wanting to explore. Calling on her friend Effie, Shan dresses Effie in Mark’s clothes, enjoying the masculine scent on such a soft, curvaceous frame. They giggle as Effie begins to take on Mark’s role, throwing Shan down on the sofa and going down on her. Soon Effie is ready to take her new role more seriously, using a strap-on dildo to fuck Shan hard from behind. Panting and flushed, the pair grind together towards an incredible orgasm, enjoying their final few moments of Effie wearing the trousers…


Comments From The Audience

Watching Shan climax as Effie pleasures her with a strapon is one of the many highlights of this scene for me...

3 years ago

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