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Scene - Reeves visits Caroline

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Feature Film

Educating Reeves


Couples will love this great sex scene, as Reeves goes to see the farmhouse owner Caroline to tell her that he no longer wants to buy her land, and she finds it difficult to keep her hands off him. They hardly make it to the bedroom, before Reeves is deep inside of Caroline, fucking her with his huge cock, and kissing her soft mouth. He holds her close as they fuck on the bed, and they move into the 69 position and she gives him a great blow job. Reeves moves Caroline into doggy position, enjoying the feeling of his cock inside her. He licks her pussy, enjoying the way she tastes, before sliding his cock inside of her again and cumming over her breasts.


Comments From The Audience

Both actors are beautiful! That said… I’m not convinced she was ready. The foreplay was lacking and his entry too soon. What about pleasing  her? He came, did she?

2 years ago

Hi Juicyledge88, thank you for your comments, which are valid and appreciated. Allow us to address your points.

Regarding "I’m not convinced she was ready. The foreplay was lacking and his entry too soon" having re-watched this scene, we agree that, prior to 'entry' (at 03:36), Danny D's initial foreplay on Lou Charmelle appears brief. However, there is a cut beforehand at 03:18 suggesting the foreplay went on for longer (even though we do not see it). Plus only a few seconds after initial penetration (around 03:49), a combination of sex sounds and Danny's penis appearing a little wet suggest Lou is aroused. That said, we fully acknowledge this scene could have been better edited to show a more gradual build up, especially from Lou's perspective.

Regarding "What about pleasing her? He came, did she?" Another valid point and we agree there is an imbalance in that Lou does not come and yet Danny does. However we did note that Danny goes down on Lou at least six times throughout the scene (04:18, 10:01, 10:44, 15:56, 18:38 & 21:46) and would suggest he brings her close to climax on the 5th occasion (at 18:38).

Please bear in mind performers often use lubrication. Our more recent productions highlight this as, now that we are a more experienced studio, we understand the joys of lube.

Ultimately Juicyledge88, we thank you for raising a crucial point. It is of paramount importance we understand our partner/s. It doesn't take much to check that everyone is ready and up for it. Oh, and if in doubt bring on the lube!

2 years ago

what a great handjob finally...he already cum when they kiss! And after the precum he shoot it all over her...absolutly amazing! She did just a great passionate scene with danny d! thanks a lot for that!

2 years ago

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